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Can I forward calls from my SIP user?

Can I forward calls from my SIP user?

Call handling settings allows you to configure how inbound calls to each user on your account are handled, with various options such as send to a personal mailbox, forward to an external number or simply hang up. 


You can find these settings on your 100 Proof dashboard by going to Voice > Users > Users > Editing the SIP User (Via the blue pencil icon!) and the Call Handling tab. 


Once here you'll see the below settings:


  • My Personal Mailbox: You can assign a personal mailbox to your user, which can then be accessed by dialling your Personal Mailbox Access Number. (Which can be found on the mailboxes page)
  • Unconditional Call Forwarding: Here you can overwrite any existing call routes to this user, and forward the calls to a designated number so calls to your user will be forwarded there instead. (This can be adjusted for either Internal Calls or all DDI Calls)
  • Edit Call Handling Routes: Here you can change more advanced settings as to what happens when your user is receiving a call either internally, through a transfer, or a call to your DDI and these 3 options are as follows:
  • When I'm Busy - If you are currently on another call
  • When I don't Answer - If the call isn't answered 

When I'm Unreachable - If you are offline or we cannot reach you for any other reason


Toggling ‘activate call handling routes’ will allow you to configure the handling routes for the aforementioned scenarios as seen below:

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